Chocolate and Cookie Dough

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey Everyone! Kimberlee is selling chocolates and cookie dough for a school fundraiser. We have a form to take orders if anyone is interested. All the orders/money need to be turned in by November 1. We will have the form with us at the Jackson Halloween party this weekend, so come prepared if you are willing to help out with this fundraiser! We know you love chocolate... and cookie dough!! YUM YUM

Conference @ The Bingham's

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This past weekend we decided to head down to Vernal and spend conference weekend with Josh's sister Jamie and her husband Jake and thier three kids. We had Kimberlee and Shaylee for the weekend, but decided it would be fun to surprise them with where we were going. We packed everything in the car the night before so the girls didn't see it, and then told them we were going for a little ride (3 hours long!). When we got there, Kim asked if we knew anyone at the house, and we told her to try knocking and see who answers the door. Immediately there were excited yells from the kids inside, and Kim and Shay got really excited. When the door opened, Spencer and Baylie jumped out to greet thier cousins. The girls were very excited. All of the kids had been begging to play together down at Jamie and Jake's house in Vernal. Josh's mom and his youngest sister Tiffany were there too. The weekend was a ton of fun. Josh jumped in the pig pen and started chasing them all over with the kids. We picked bags and bags of apples from the orchard. And we ate some really great food. Saturday was Tiffany's 17th birthday and we celebrated by having 7 layer bean dip, going for a fun walk by a really muddy lake, and all of us ladies pitched in to make the yummiest cake ever. Happy Birthday Tiff! We also had a great time listening to conference and taking in what our prophet and apostles had to teach us. The kids got handmade coloring books with a conference theme, though they had a billion things to entertain them :) On Sunday, we went oveer to Jake's parent's house to watch conference and see thier gorgeous place. It was raining cats and dogs and the kids got SO muddy going out to see the tree house before lunch. I'll have to get the pictures of Spencer out in the mud from Jamie and show you. It was a riot. Overall, it was a really great weekend and we had such a great time. Thanks again Jamie and Jake for letting us come play!

This is Tiffany's birthday cake. We got the reciepe from Yes, those are chopped up Reese's Peanut Butter cups!

Happy Birtday Tiff!

Josh to the rescue... everyone was stuck in the mud! Check out the white shoes Josh wore... caked with mud!

Josh savng Kim. Both her shoes got stuck in the mud. Spencer also went to help Grandma.

This is the path that goes around/along the bank of the muddy muddy reservoir. It was gorgeous with the changing leaves.

This is just off the path. Check out the red rock ground and it's gorgeous contrast to the fall leaves.

All the kids on the pig pen fence at the farm.

Even Jaxon was having fun watching Josh chase the pigs.

Some of the apples we picked we gave to the pigs to eat. They love this treat!

The kids had a great time with their cousins :)