Vernal Trip Oct 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yep, thats right. Our vacation this fall was to Vernal. Wahoo! Now before anyone starts knocking our choice, you have to understand how fun Vernal is to our family. :) My sis-in-law Jamie lives down there with her husband Jake, thier kids Spencer, Baylie and Jaxon, and then Jamie has a little boy on the way. We rode motorcycles, four wheelers, jet skiis (yes, we did this on the river), Jamie and I made a HUGE batch of salsa, we made freezer jam, the kids played and played (and fought) and played, and basically we had quite a good time. Its always a great adventure to go down to Vernal. :)

My Amazingly Talented Husband

My husband Josh is amazingly talented. I don't think people realize quite how talented he is. When he asked me what project I wanted him to make next, I said my dream entertainment center. Which, by the way is a HUGE 3 peice thing that has a center section customized for all the DVD players, Wii accessories, decorations, etc. and has two matching book shelves on either side that I can fill with DVDs, decorations, books, etc. Well, he started it, taking care of only the middle section for now. We probably wont do the book shelves until after we move so we don't have to haul them. Look at what my love made for me out of a simple sheet of wood. :)


We love going to games!

Josh's work buddy Adrian and his sweet wife Caitlyn

Yep, we like to kiss

And yep, I like taking pretty pictures

This is how close we were... 11th row baby!

Wow... they finally won! HAHA. Josh's boss gave us some tickets to the BYU vs. SDSU game. They were GREAT seats. 11th row on the side, kinda close to the end zone. Thanks!!!

Jazz Scrimmage

Josh and I at the Jazz Scrimmage Game

Koy and Dustin - random - we didn't even know they would be there!

Josh and Darin

Dallin and Colby

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McKay and Rachel

This is our veiw after we moved seats

We were part of the commercial they filmed for a fly away to see them play the Lakers. It was kinda fun! Oh, gives you an idea of the veiw before we moved seats. The other seats were way better.

Them unveiling the new court... ohhh.... ahhh!

Pulling back the huge plastic sheet.

Josh found out the Utah Jazz were having a free scrimage game at the ESA... of course, we had to go... :) Oh, and randomly we ran into my nephew Koy and my sister's friend.

Bingham Photo Shoot

I took a bunch of pictures for Jamie so she can make some canvas frames for her kids' rooms. Here is some of my favorites from the shoot.

Spencer and Jaxon Birthday

Spencer Opening Birthday Gifts

Jaxon Opening Birthday Gifts

Kids (and Jamie) with Chuck E. Cheese

Mole Wacken' 101

Get 'em Kim!

McKay, Rachel, Jordon and Heidi

Jaxon learning to drive... at 2 years...

Camille - Fast and the Freaking Cute

Jamie was up with her kids to celebrate Spencer and Jaxon's birthdays. She took them to the circus, and then met the rest of the family at Layton park for some ice cream and a pinata. We then all headed over to Chuck E Cheese to play some arcade games and have some fun. There was one game there that I fell in love with. Basically, it's just a screen and when you put your money in, a maze appears on the screen. You have to follow the maze with your finger as fast as possible before the time runs out. And as you get closer to the end, the time goes faster. You get a few tickets if you get close, and a jackpot if you make it. I won the jackpot once, and I think Heidi did too. But we all thought it was so fun!

Utah State Fair 2010

At the concert...

Fluffy bunny!

I LOVE the flowers...

You could pay to take your picture with these sea lions...

Nice cake! I like the contrast between layers,

Baby piggies!

Josh and I went to the state fair again this year. It was fun to see all the animals and be in the atmosphere. Josh won me a stuffed animal, we got a free Dance Heads video if us being dorks, and we saw a kid that used to be on Hannah Montana perform. He definately has broken out of the "Disney" super star roll... Wow... it made me a bit uncomfortable to sit and watch as the concert went on...