Jazz Game

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A couple weeks ago Josh’s boss surprised him with tickets to a Jazz game. It was a Monday night so we made a family home evening out of it. J It was really fun to go to the game with Josh. This was only my second Jazz game ever (my first was last month with my work) and I really had fun. Oh – but the nose bleed seats can be taken very literally. I indeed got an actual random nose bleed while sitting there. HAHA

Kites and Swings Weekend

Well a couple weeks ago when we had the girls we planned a ton of fun things to do and hoped that the girls would think it’s as fun as we did. I found a ton of Easter crafts and Josh and I prepared supplies to make our own piggy banks at home. First thing first though… Josh had an eye doctor appt. His doctor is in the vision center at Wal-Mart – which turned out to be a blessing for the girls and I because we were there for two hours! We wandered the toy aisle, the clothes section, the Easter stuff and the pet department before going to check on Josh. He still hadn’t been called into his appointment. Well, I got some Easter browsing done and got an idea of what the girls were interested in getting in their baskets! On Saturday we headed up to mom and dad Jackson’s house and were able to spend some time with the family. Tiffany and I took the girls shopping for a new dress for Kim, while Josh helped his dad fix the wood machines. After we got back we got ready and went over to Heidi and Jordan’s house for a BBQ. We had a great time all together and even got to watch New Moon!

On Sunday I woke up and forgot it was stake conference. Dang! I didn’t wake up until about 9:45 so there was no way we would get ready and make it by 10:00am. SIGH. We spent the time all together doing crafts and making piggy banks. Everyone also had a blast playing the new mini-golf game on the Wii. We decided it would be fun to pack a picnic and go over to the park. The park was PACKED! It was crazy how many people were there. The girls didn’t get to do a whole lot because there were so many kids. After we ate, we pulled the kites I bought out and the girls had a really fun time flying them. So much fun that it was heartbreaking for us to get them to leave. But it had already been a long day and their alligator tears proved how tired they were. Both zonked out on the way home and Shaylee stayed asleep for another hour or so while we watched The Tooth Fairy. It was a really fun day. When we dropped them off Ashlee mentioned that she may be going to the Police Academy next spring, so maybe we will be able to take the girls for some longer stretches of time. That would be so wonderful.

Rest of the Weekend...

Monday, March 15, 2010

I just posted about my first time going through the temple to receive my endowments. See last post to read about that. For this post I wanted to talk about the REST of the weekend. On Friday we went to Josh's parents house to celebrate Baylie's third birthday with everyone. It was fun and she is such a cute little princess! Jamie had made some yummy dinner and we also had root beer floats for Baylie's birthday. A couple weeks ago I had drawn a dress that Josh's sister Tiffany wanted to make for Prom. Well, her prom was on Saturday so she had just gotten the dress finished and was modeling it for us. Below are some pictures. This is the first time any of my designs actually came to life. HAHA. It looks great and Tiffany looks gorgeous in it. On Saturday after the temple we had a little luncheon at our church building. It was yummy and most people the went to the temple with us came to the luncheon also. My parents and sister were the last there and we ordered some flowers online for the funeral on Monday. All of my siblings are half-siblilngs. My oldest brother Trent has a different mom than me, Maralee, and this past week she was killed by her boyfriend. The funeral will be this coming Monday. After we ordered the flowers, my parents left and my sister and her kids came over to my house for just a bit to look at her camera and new computer. the batteries she had in there must have been bad because there was battery acid everywhere. We cleaned it out of the battery compartment and was able to turn the camera on. but it wouldn't do anything. Josh ended up taking it apart and the acid had burned through one of the ribbons. Sadly, it was not replaceable. After they left we headed up to Josh's parent's house to hang out with everyone for a while and all the men and Chandra were going to go to a "business meeting". It was nice to hang out for a while and spend time up there. Heidi and I ran to her house and got some things to make enchiladas and so we spent most of the time the men and Chandra were gone making dinner. But it was really nice. We had girlie talk the whole time. Though I'm kinda sad we got up there too late to see Tiffany leave for the Prom. It was a good day. On Sunday we decided to go to our new ward in Bountiful just to check it out. It was pretty nice and there were a couple people that came up to talk to us. We had a meeting with our regular bishop as well to further work on the sealing cancellation and that went well. The rest of the day we were lazy. And it felt great! HAHA. But this really was a great weekend and I'm so thankful for all of the loved ones in my life, especially my husband Joshua. He is always so wonderful to me and I'm so lucky to have found him.

Temple Day

Well, I had better post about my experience this past weekend before I forget all the things I felt going through the temple for the first time. I pretty much was a nervous wreck all the way to the temple and while we were waiting to go in. I don't know why. Maybe because I was scared I would say or do something wrong and they would toss me out. HAHA. But we made it on time and got all of my paperwork in order. The ceremony itself was beautiful. People always say it's not what you expect. And so I tried going in with an open mind and such. Yeah, didn't help - it totally was not anything like I had imagined. HAHA. But it was wonderful. And the spirit was glowing all around us. Josh's sister Heidi was my escort so she was there helping me, and other temple workers too. The whole experience was very very wonderful, and I only fudged one part that got me a little embarrassed. But again, it was great. I was so lucky to have so many family members there to experience it with me. Most of Josh's family were able to attend, including Heidi and Jordan, Darin and Chandra, Jamie and Jake, his parents, his grandpa and his aunt Sherri. My grand parents also were able to attend which was very special to me. I didn't know my grand parents well when I was younger, but in the last 6 years or so we have become close, and I am very grateful to that. I think the church is something that we have in common that brings us closer together. One funny thing did happen while in the Temple. There was a man whose tummy must have been upset. The guys were all choking on the fragrant air around them. Josh ended up burying his nose in his sleeve and it got too warm and he got a bloody nose. YIKES! We will need to bleach his temple clothes. HAHA. Overall, my first time going through the Temple was amazing. There are so many blessings and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be there and have those blessings received. When we came out it was a blizzard, so I will have to take a picture the next time we go. :)