A few updates :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Alright, we are almost there for this baby extravaganza! I just thought I'd put in a quick update bfore things start rolling out of control :) First of all, my boss Coco who was due a week before me (I'm due August 26th) had her baby last week. He was 6 weeks early and weighed just 4lbs. 12oz. He is still at the hospital but doing great! They named him Patrick Justin Quillen. AWWW. Second update, we had an appointment this week (week 34) and everything is going great! Baby girl is still right on track and seems healthy. Our next appt is week 36, and starting then we will have appts each week. We will get an ultrasound at week 36 to make sure she is upside down. Hopefully I'll get a few last pictures of her in the baby oven before she comes out in a few weeks :) Josh and I are steadily getting things prepared for her arrival. He put up the changing table Heidi and Jordan gave us, and it is so dang cute! We have also started cleaning out closets, reorganizing rooms, and getting our hospital bag ready to go. I have pre-registered at the hospital, and am working on some cute little map cards to give to those we want to visit us at the hospital (LDS hospital is kinda hard to find). My sister and gma are throwing a baby shower this Saturday, so I'll be sure to update you with all those details. One of my cousins and my aunt couldn't come, so they dropped by last week and let me open my gifts early. It was like a baby shower all by itself! They were so generous and brought some of the cutest outfits! Also a bottle warmer and wipes warmer... awww. So nice! I'm way excited for the hair clips my cousin made, and I already told Josh this will be a hair bow baby! HAHA I'm so thankful for those who have been so supportive to us so far! Okay, now for the baby update :) Our baby is about 18.5 inches and around 5 lbs. Roughly the weight of your average cantaloupe! She is constantly wriggling around and trying to find a space big enough for an arm, or a leg, or a bum... lol. Sometimes she jabs me in the wrong spot, and it kinds hurts, but she is so dang cute, it's okay! Her lungs are almost fully developed, and even though she still has 6 weeks to go, it's been said that if she came now, she would be okay. But we are crossing our fingers that she holds out a while longer :)