Holiday Time 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

We had quite a few parties to attend this year, and each one was a blast. Thank you to all of the hosts for such a great time!


Tiffany and Mom did this amazing painting thing. We couldn't
tell what it was until like right at the end.

(my camera was doing funny things...)

Look at my HOT SANTA~

(Cucina Nassi)

(pizza contest and photo scavenger hunt)

Koy 11th Birthday

My nephew Koy turned 11 this year. How weird is that? I remember being in high school, coming home to have my nephew there, playing hide and seek throughout the house, being the cutest little monster ever. When he was two years old I tested him on which DVD cover was which Lord of the Rings movie. He aced the test. :) I'm a proud aunt! He isn't the oldest of my neices and nephews, but he was the first that I was close to. Its hard to believe he is so big! 5 years and he is driving... weird!

Getting Trees

We were able to bring my sister and Koy along this year to pick out thier own Christmas tree. Koy thought it was awesome to cut down his own tree. It was a ton of fun and they had a good time.

Thanksgiving 2010

I didn't take any pictures this day (weird, huh?) but we did have a really great day of remembering everything we are grateful for. Early in the day we went to the Jackson "lunch" and it was really nice to be around all those family members. Many of them we haven't seen in a while. Later in the day, after we had dropped Kim and Shay off to thier mom's, we headed to my grandparents house and had a cozy second Thanksgiving with my parents, sister and her kids, and my grandparents. It was very nice and relaxing.

Temple Sealing - November 20th

What can I say..... he's finally mine forever!!!!!!!!!! HAHA. This day was so wonderful. It was a day I had looked forward to for more than a year and a half, and all of the anticipation and nervousness, and anxiety over planning a SECOND wedding day was worth it. The day went perfectly! So many people we love were there to support us, we got some amazing pictures of everything I wanted, and the rain didn't come until AFTER we were done. A couple funny stories, we got done with the ceremony and as I was getting dressed Heidi came in to help me as I had asked her. She brought the cape that her and Josh schemed to get for me and my grandmother exclaimed "Oh Tacy, you look like you came right out of Dr. Shivago!" It was so funny! Also, while we were waiting to come out the front doors the worker let us know there were 52 wedding scheduled that day. WOW! Thank you to everyone, this was one of the most amazing days of my life. I love you Josh! FOREVER!

P.S. I freaking love my photographer - check em out! Creativ Productions (Sandy, UT)