Second Appointment and a picture!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Over the last four weeks we have had Kim and Shay a ton. Between Christmas, New Years, Ashlee having to work and Ashlee going to Hawaii, we have had a busy few weeks. It has finally settled down a bit, and I thought I better update about our 8 week appointment we had last Monday. It was pretty quick and painless, just checking vitals, making sure I'm feeling okay, and then on to the good stuff. The ultrasound! The baby is 7 weeks and 6 days old, and doing great! I saw it's little heartbeat and it was fluttering very well. I can't wait until we find out if it is a boy or a girl :)

Nothing else has really been going on. I still haven't had any morning sickness, though the smell issue is still there. And some food still sound terrible to me. But I have been doing great! The only new thing I have noticed is an increase in nightmares, but I heard that can be normal.

And it Will Be Announced...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So, since pretty much our entire family knows and some friends know... Josh and I think it's pointless to try and keep it a secret anymore. So I decided to tell my work today... well besides Coco, Martin and Bill who already knew. We had a department meeting today, and even had Chandra on the phone all the way from California. Coco and I joked yesterday about me adding it to the end of our meeting, and I figured WHY NOT! So when Coco asked if anyone had anything else to discuss or add, I said "I do..." and of course Coco knew so she was like "yes....." and I said "I'm going to have a baby!" and the girls were all so excited! Veronica wanted to shout it from the rooftops and get baloons and streamers and stuff. HAHA Silly girls! A little while later I went down to Coco's office to dropp off some papers and Katie was in there. I figured that since she knew about Coco, I better tell her about me too. She freaked out and wanted to tell her dept. Coco jumped up and was like "yes! lets go tell them right now!" LOL I let them and it was a little awkward but fun. All the girls were very excited and asked me a bunch of questions. :)

Okay, so update on me and whats going on. I have noticed cravings for things like chicked fried steak with gravy, grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in marinara sauce, and chicken patty sandwiches (like the Original Chicken Sandwich at Burger King). Smells are still bothering me a ton, as is the look of food. Mushy food in particular grosses me out. But I'm doing good with all fruits, mac and cheese, peas, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, soup, chicken nuggets or any breaded chicken (grilled, boiled, or similar chicken gags me), frozen burritos, pizza - OF COURSE, toast (but not cold bread), pickles, cereal, juice, and I'm craving milk like I can't get enough. I'm finally not sick anymore, so I can breathe all through the night. I'm still able to do most of my exercize routine, except the ones where I lay on my stomach and have to lift my arms and legs alternatively. My tummy hurts when I tried like I'm squishing something I shouldn't be. So I'm skipping those ones from now on.

Oh, and according to our little countdown, our baby is the size of a raspberry today. :) My fave!

First Appointment, First Few Weeks

Monday, January 3, 2011

We had our first appointment last week on Monday. Our doc did an ultra sound, but we couldn't see much so we didn't get a picture. I fainted (twicw) while trying to get my blood work done, and was re-assured that I can continue eating and doing all the things I have normally been doing. That was a relief considering I love my Wild Strawberry Crystal Light !! But we get to come back on the 10th for our 8 week appt and he said we should be able to see the little heart beat and get a picture or two. YAY As of right now I have not been sick at all, I have a very tender *cough* chest *cough*, I have to pee 8,000 times a day, certain foods sound absolutely discusting to me (though so far I have avoided them - so no sickness), and millions of non-existent smells all the sudden are affecting me in a million ways (mostly negative ones). But again, no sickness yet. My mom told me she was hardly sick at all with my older sister, but when she had me the nausia never went away, hopefully I get more of the first one throughout all my pregnancies. It's kinda weird, but in a way the back of my mind is still worried I'm not really pregnant. With this lack of "normal" symptoms, its easy to be skeptical. But it's been a week since my blood work was done, and if there was a problem, I'm sure they would have told me by now. Right? Sigh...

Family Addition

It has finally happened, Josh and I are expecting a little addition to our family. And we couldn't be more excited. We had been working on this for quite a while now, and each time another month went by without results, we kept asking "what are we doing wrong?" Was there some special secret we didn't know about. Everytime we prayed about it we got the same answer, we needed to be sealed in the temple first. Well, we kept trying, just in case... but of course we got nothing... As it got to be fall time, our lives got busy getting things done around our house and hanging around with family. At the beginning of November we were so excited to find out that our temple sealing was finally approved. We got excited and got things ready for that big day, and only a couple days before it, we were (of course) visited by our favorite Aunt Flo. So even though we hardly had a moment to think about anything, the back of my mind was still hopeful for the next couple months to bring a big change. About a week before Christmas, the usual monthly disappointment didn't come...and after 5 days we were too anxious to wait any longer... to our excitement, the test was positive! We were ecstatic and crying and talking non-stop. But my skeptic brain kept nudging me saying to get a second opinion. So three days later we took another test, a different brand just to be sure. It also was positive, and no sign of a visit from Aunt Flo... It was enough to convince us. We talked about waiting to tell our family, but Christmas was two days away and the temptation to announce it on such an amazing day was too much for us. We found these cute little outfits and wrapped them up like any other Christmas gift we were giving our family. We saved it for last and it was so fun seing thier faces when they opened it and figured out what was going on. My mom thought for a split second it was a sweater for her dog until she read what the outfit said. And Josh's mom thought we were joking (again)... My grandma couldn't believe it and was so excited, and Heidi kept saying "I knew it!". It was so fun! So, the moral of this little story is that getting sealed in the temple is one of the most important things you will ever do. It will determine your entire life and once you have achieved it, the things you want in life can be yours if you are living God's way!
Well, the counter at the top of the blog will keep you up to date on how far along we are, and I will continue to update with all of our appointments, milestones, symptoms, and aversions... such a lovely place to document this incredible journey!

TEST # 1

TEST # 2

The gift... surprise!!!

Josh's mom opening "the gift".

My grandparents opening "the gift"