New Baby Developments

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This week Josh and I made the decision to sign a lease extension on our appartments for anopther 3 months. We are still not quite where we need to be to get into a house, but we are SO CLOSE. A couple more months. This decision will hopefully work well, as long as we find the right house deal :) This way our lease will end at the end of July, and we can move and get settled in right in time for baby to come. Other than that, just to report on our ticker. Today it says our baby is 3 1/2" big, and 1 1/2 oz and it can make sounds (baby giggles anyone?). Its possibly starting to suck it's thumb - which is very common in the womb. Even though the ticker on this blog says its still the size of a plum, my weekly email I get said it was the size of a lime. :) Since my blog is "Raspberries and Limes", I thought that was super fun. So today, it's all about limes.

12 Week Appointment

Well, not too much to report on the baby front. The little squirt seems to be growing great and is getting bigger every day. We went in on February 7th for our 12 week appointment. No ultra sound, but we got to hear the heart beat. It was amazing, it was so fast and cute. In March we will have our 16 week, then in April our 20 week. The 20 week appt. is when we will be able (hopefully) to find out if it is a boy or girl. When I checked the status last week, it said the baby is the size of a plum, the intestines are mostly all formed and moving from the umbellical cord and into the baby's abdomen. Its little hands open and close and it has started swimming and moving around, though I probably wont be able to feel it move for a while. :)

Paisley Marie Bodily

Well, of course I'm behind on my posts, so I'm sorry I didn't get this up earlier. But I wanted to highlight the arrival of Miss Paisley Bodily. She arrived on February 2nd, and is an amazing little girl. Heidi and Jordan couldn't be more proud and awed by her, and the rest of the family adores her. Heidi and I are planning on doing a super cute photo shoot once all of the sicknesses and such calm down. But for now, we have just a few pics. :)

Heidi's Baby Shower

For Heidi's baby shower, the party was held over at the house of the family she nanny's for. The host, Sarah, was amazing and put together a really wonderful party for Heidi. There were two parts to the party, the morning was an open house for friends and neighbors. Myself, Candy, Jamie, Chandra, and Tiff all came to the whole day. We were in charge of helping out, and I of course had photo duty :) Sarah had bagels, quiche, juice and fruit. It was all so good. The second half of the party was more of a sit down lunch for family. Sarah had gotten this amazing pasta and salad. There were also a number of sweets and desserts. Candy and I both made a bunch of mini cheese cakes. Everything was a lot of fun and Heidi was showered with so many helpful gifts. Thanks to everyone for coming!

New Years

For New Years this year we had the party over at Darin and Chandra's house. We did pot luck and all the food was amazing! We spent the evening playing games and having a really good time. It was a very fun holiday.

Christmas 2010

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yep, I missed updating about Christmas, so I thought I would throw it in here... a month or so late :) Our Christmas was really fun this year. It was the first time we had the girls sincew we have been married, and we did a lot of fun stuff to make this Christmas special for all of us. On Christmas morning the girls had a fun time seeing what Santa had brought for them. The kitties even got a stocking and love thier new little outfits. Josh has spent many hours building a cedar chest for me and it is absolutely beautiful. We decided to show the girls what we were giving to grandma and grandpa this year. It wsa the little wrapped up onesie to announce we were pregnant. The girls were so excited and kept asking us all day if they could say something yet. They did a good job of keeping a secret. (We had done this for my grandparents the night before and they were so excited!) After we got ourselves ready for the day, we headed to my parents house for breakfast and presents. We ate first and then my brother Ben showed up with his family. We visited for a while until after they left. Then we did presents just between Mom and Dad, Toni and Kids, and us. We have always been closer, so doing presents all together is special to us. We decided to give the onesie gift last, and to have the moms open it. When my mom opened hers, she was confused at first, thinking it was for her dog. HAHA It was only about 2 seconds of confusion until she understood, but then she was so excited she couldn't talk. My sister realized this was something big and grabbed the onesie so she could see it. Both of them started freaking out and by then I was crying. It was so fun to announce it this way! A while later my sister Rhocki showed up with her family and we gave my mom permission to show her the gift. She seemed more excited than the first two HAHA. It was really fun to see thier reactions and not have to actually say "Guess what..." The gift said it all. After we got done there, we headed to Josh's families house for Christmas with them. We were there forever before we ended up doing presents. We were waiting for Heidi and Jordan but they finally said they would still be awhile and to start without them. Same thing, we waited until the end of the gift giving to give our one last gift. We had Josh's mom open it and the first thing she asked was if it was a joke. LOL she was so excited she was telling everyone. When Heidi and Jordan got there she had them open it and all Heidi said was "I knew it !!!", and all Jordan said was "I knew it too cause Josh already told me." JOSH - YOU BRAT! mwah mwah. It really was a ton of fun and a great Christmas. We ended the day watching movies at Josh's parents house. Thank you to everyone for such a memorable holiday season!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

**First of all - Miss Paisley Bodily arrived today. I hear she is very healthy and just over 7 lbs. I don't have all the details yet, but we are headed up there to visit in a few, so I'll update more on that later**

Alrighty, a little bit of an update for you. I haven't had another appointment yet, but a few things have been going on. First, I've been very sensitive to twisting movements. Like if I try and flip over while sleeping, if I do it just right I get a painful little jab in my side tummy. Fun... I have been having some sore back problems already, which I half way expected considering my back history (love thosae cortizone shots and MRI's). So to help with it, I have been sleeping only on my sides, with a pillow between my legs. Helps a ton! Also had a yucky reaction to some food this weekend. Threw up once on Saturday (ugh), but thankfully it wasn't morning sickness (yay). Its gone now, YAY! Other than that, not too much to report. My count down says the baby is 2" big and about the size of a plum! Weighs about 1/2 oz and lungs are functioning. Awww... I'm 11 weeks today, so only about a week or so left of my first trimester. WOW... that went fast. I have an appointment next week and I hope our ultrasound pictures are more clear.