Treehouse Museum

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This past Saturday we met up with Darin, Chandra and Camille and went to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. I had never been there and it was free that day, so we thought - WHY NOT! :) The kids all had a great time and learned a lot of fun stuff. This is definitely a great place to take the kids. Maybe pick a less busy day next time so there is more opportunity for them to do everything.

Kim and Shay Photoshoot - August 2010

We took the girls out for a long overdue photoshoot to get some updated pictures of them. Some didn’t quite turn out, but some were super cute! Enjoy!

Snowbird 2010

Snowbird time! :) We had so much fun hanging out at Snowbird and playing games galore! We went on the same little walk/hike we did last year and took another picture at the same spot. I think we should do this every year and see how we change. HAHA. We missed you Heidi Jordan Jamie Jake Spencer Baylie and Jaxon!!! Thanks Ernie for letting us use the condo (McKay, there is no “m” in the word condo…).

Camping at Lava

We decided to head up to Lava Hot Springs and go camping with Jordan and Heidi. We only were there one night, so it wasn’t too eventful. But we did spend the day at the swimming pool and the girls had a fun time sleeping in the cabinet of Jordan and Heidi’s trailer. HAHA. The cabinet actually folds down into a bunk bed, but we decided to leave it folded up so the girls didn’t roll off. They thought it was so fun!