January 26, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009


January 25, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Sunday everyone! To keep everyone updated on the last couple weeks.... not too much has gone on. HAHA. Last Saturday I met up with my bridesmaids and we got a LOT done! YAY We talked about dresses and duties and bridal showers. Whoot Whoot! The meeting turned out pretty good, even though I was more than a little nervous. :) Josh has been working a construction job, and he really loves the atmosphere. He found out he has tendonitis in his wrist, so he was out a few days. But he is eager to get back out there this week. He is working with his brother Darin and his brother in law Jordan. There is also a fourth guy named Elon who is Jordan's brother in law. On the site, there is just the four of them each day, and they really have a great time.
I just moved to a different department at work (even though I'm doing the same thing HAHA) and am liking it so far. I'm in a new office with two different coworkers. It's a lot more mature of an office, which I like.... but I miss being with Katie and Samantha. Most of my customer service duties have been taken over by Katie and so all I'm concentrating on is working with clients on booking conference rooms and checking on mail. Our new sister company www.DavinciMeetingRooms.com launches on Tuesday, which has also kept me busy. It's going to be my world once it goes live, and I'm really excited.
Other than that, not too much is going on. 107 Days left to go!!!

January 6, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If anyone wants to know who made our amazing layout, check out this site.


Amy was wonderful enough to take OUR wedding concept and turn it into a layout for our blog. She has some fantastic layouts over there, and I think EVERYONE should check out her site and support her!

Huggles to Amy!

January 3, 2009

Wow, 2009. I can't even believe it, time goes by so fast. Then again, it always seems that way. Especially when you stay as busy as we have. We celebrated 2009 with a bang, going to hang with friends bowling, then back to our friend Cody's house where his parents threw this amazing party. We played ping-pong, air hockey, and hung out until it was time to count down. The whole room had poppers and as soon as the clock hit midnight, we were showered in streamers. We had our first kiss of the new year, took a ton of pictures, and then said goodbye so we could make it home at a reasonable time. It was really a fun night and Josh and I had a blast.
On Saturday Jan 3 we attended a Bridal Expo. It wasn't as large as I expected, but we did pass over all the photographer, reception call, and DJ booths. We got all that taken care of!!! We ran into my friend Emily, she was there with her best friend Kristen who is getting married as well. It was a pretty fun little expo though, even Josh said he didn't mind it. Afterwards we headed to Bed Bath and Beyond to do our registry. HOLY MONKEY! The Fort Union BBB is HUGE!!! HAHA, it was really fun though, picking stuff out with him. Our color scheme for our house is blue brown and green... so keep that in mind if you wanted to know. I'll get a link to our registry up here as soon as I can. After we got done there (3 hours later) Josh said all he needed was some food and he would be more than happy to go to Walmart to do our other registry. Wow, a bride's gotta take what she can get!!! HAHA. We did our registry there too and found a lot of complimentary items to our registry at BBB. sweet :)
Other than that we have just been taking it easy on the wedding front. I'm planning a get together with all my Bridesmaids, which should be really productive. I already have agendas, schedules and task lists printed up. MMMWAAAAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh*. No, no worries, it isn't that bad, and I'm not a Nazi Bride, I promise. I just want to make sure we touch on everything.
Well anyways, I better go figure out how to get these registries up on here. 126 Days to go from today (Jan 6), in case anyone wanted to know!