March 30, 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well this weekend went great! We helped surprise Tiffany with David Archuleta tickets, which was really fun! We also got to spend some time with Jamie and visited a flower shop. We went over everything that had to do with the flowers and the cake and really solidified what we are doing with them. I'm really glad we got that done because I don't know if we will see Jamie again before the week of the wedding. We also went and looked at a ton of apartments on Saturday. We found one we really liked, but didn't want to jump on the first deal we came across. We are going to search around this week some more, and if we really can't find a better deal, then we will apply at the ones we saw. They are really cute! We looked yesterday and found a condo in Centerville that is good priced. We are going to see about going to take a look at it as soon as possible. We also visited with Josh's aunt Roelene on Saturday and got all the information needed for the vests. We are going to buy the fabric for them this week and we have about 4 JoAnn coupons already. Anyone have any more?? HAHA. We also stuffed envelopes for our announcements and helped clean the church building before coming home to pay a game of Ticket to Ride - where we kicked butt!!! YAY
On Sunday we went to Josh's cousin Carston's farewell. He doesn't leave for Kentucky until next week, but since it's conference, he had to speak early. LOL. There was a lot of really good food at the luncheon after church, and I was good and didn't let myself have pasta salad. GRRR. Still craving it.... I have been really tired lately, so I took a nap and Josh played a game on the computer. After I woke up, Josh, Tiffany and I played a game of Heroes until about 10:30 and then I had Josh run me home. It was a really good weekend.

Oh, and we have only 42 Days to Go!

March 27, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hey Everyone! Time is winding down and we are getting really close to wedding time! I can't even describe what I'm feeling right now. Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding day, and that perfect guy. It's something we dream of for so long that sometimes it seems like it will never come true. That it's just a childish fantasy and we need to forget about it and grow up. But then when it actually happens, it hits you so hard. And you thank God several times daily for this amazing new chapter of your life. Sure, satan and his evil throng of warriors have been trying to tear this apart. He knows what we have is right, and he can't stand that. He has sent warriors to attack us from many angles. But we are not weak. And we will not give in.

Wow, I just got really dooms-day-ish. HAHA. On a lighter note, we are almost done with wedding prep. The Bridesmaid dresses work out PERFECTLY. All my girls ordered thiers and they look so good. I'm so excited! Let me run down a check list to see what else we need to do.

  • Reception Hall: DONE

  • Photographer: DONE

  • Videographer: DONE

  • Rings: DONE

  • Bridal Attire: Need veil and headpeice

  • Groom Attire: DONE

  • Attendant Attire: Need groomsmen vests

  • Invitations: DONE

  • Flowers: Working with Jamie this weekend

  • Cake: Working with Jamie this weekend

  • Music: Need to pick and burn CDs

  • Extra Stuff: Only need disposable cameras and guest book

  • Luncheon: Need to work with all parents on decorations and supplies

Wow, we are doing good! My mom is mailing her Bridal Shower invtations today, and so those of you who would be coming to that will see those invites show up soon. Keep in mind that it is on April 11 and starts at 2:00. If anyone needs help getting there, let us know. Oh, and guess what? Only 46 DAYS TO GO!

March 3, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We got our pictures back!! YAY! Below are a few of my favorites. I'm so excited :)

Alright, now for the update. This past weekend we got SO much done! On Saturday we met my sister at the mall and got ties for the little boys, shoes for all three flower girls, we had my sister try on dresses just to see her size. I found the perfect dress for my bridesmaids:

And I'm hoping it works out! You can only get it on JC Penny online so we ordered a middle size and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. SQUEE!!!! Things are coming together so great!

We also booked our stay at the Lion's Gate Manor in Lava, it's amazing if you want to go check it out. Besides that we just spent time together, watched some movies, and had fun.

So if the Bridesmaid dress idea turns out, the next item of business is flower price matching. Flowers, cake, and then the ceremony are the only things left really. WOW. I can't believe we are so prepared. HAHA. Only 70 more days to go!!!