Anniversary Fun :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This year for our anniversary we decided to have a stay-cation and do lots of fun things around the Ogden-Salt Lake-Provo area. We took two days off work, and had the weekend, so we had four days to have fun! The first day was our actual anniversary, and Josh was in charge of planning that day.
**Fair Warning - May Get Photo Overload!**

Day 1: May 12th, Actual 2 Year Anniversary

We slept in a little bit, got up, got ready, and headed out. Today was a complete surprise for me, so Josh drove and I rode along. We stopped and grabbed some breakfast at Smith’s since we were out and had breakfast in the car. HAHA we are cool like that!

Josh’s first activity was going to Thanksgiving Point Gardens, where I had my bridal pictures done. The tulip festival had just ended, but the tulips were still in full bloom. It was a great opportunity to try out my new camera! Enjoy this set of pictures...

I love this green blossomed tree and the shady flowers underneath.

Pretty bird!

Check out my focus on my new camera! YAY!

Love this color!

You could pay a quarter for fish food and these Koi fish were going nuts!

More focus fun! I love my camera!

Here we are! Another one of those green blossomed trees in the background!

Josh entering the secret garden

This is one of my favorite spots

Josh found a birds nest!

This fountain is so cool!

Here we are again!


Baby bump picture! HAHA. Just to note, I was 25 weeks along in this picture!

After the gardens, we were hungry, so we headed to Jason’s Deli and ate some yummy yummy lunch.

Then Josh planned to have us go to a movie. We decided on Thor, and it was a really awesome movie.

After that we went home and relaxed for a couple hours, watching some episodes of Smallville. Then it was dinner time. YAY! Josh took me to this restaurant near our house, Lorena’s Mexican Restaurant. Oh it was yummy. Big planner all smothered in sauce and beans and rice… yum yum. It was so good. And Josh ordered two appetizers and it was so much food! Three meals worth for my part of it. HAHA. It was so good though.

Day 2: May 13th

First off – Happy Birthday to Heidi !!

I was in charge of planning this day, and I had no idea what to choose! I spent a good 30 minutes in the morning pulling up some things online to make my final decision on what to do. YIKES! But it turned out really great! We started off by going to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. It was actually really fun! Here are some pics for you to enjoy **my camera got angry with the low light building and high light aquariums, so some photos came out crappy**


This little guy popped out of his hiding place for me. So I made sure I snapped him a good pic.


I love the black and white stingray!

Old man...

The penguins were so cute! And so fast, it was hard to get a good picture of them.

These scorpions were in like a barrel. You look in and can see them all brown, then you push a button and a black light came on and they glowed. SICK! Josh loved them...


After the aquarium, we headed off for some games and mini-golf at Boondocks in Draper. WAHOO! We are awesome at mini-golf, and won some candy and a cute giraffe finger puppet at the arcade. HAHA. We are so cool. :)

Then we took a drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon and found a nice little place to have a picnic. It was perfect! So relaxing… and our homemade sandwiches, chips, and soda definitely hit the spot. We even found a pretty waterfall nearby :)

After we came back down out of the canyon, I had Josh find the nearest Red Mango. Neither of us had been there before, but I kept hearing it was good. Oh it was so so good! I got these little Japanese balls that popped open and had mango stuff inside. We will definitely go back again.

After that I didn’t really have any plans besides dinner, and it was still kinda early, so we decided to go see another movie. We decided on Fast Five, which was also very good. It made me laugh a little because it was like they had to get one guy from all of the other four movies in this fifth movie. Like a Fast and Furious reunion. LOL. But it was good.

Afterwards, we decided to have our left overs from Lorena’s the night before, since we had so much food. HAHA. It was a good day.

Day 3: May 14th

First thing we got up early and drove up north so Josh could play basketball with the guys. Afterwards we went to Jeremy and Hillarie’s so I could get my hair colored and cut. MUCH NEED, thank you Hillarie!!! Afterwards Josh surprised me with lunch at this place I love but is usually way out of our budget. It’s called the Pita Pit and they only have them in Provo and Ogden. It’s kinda like subway, only in a pita… and usually they cook the meat. YUM!

For most of the rest of the day we just hung out at home. Josh’s parents were going to stop by and say hi since they were going to be in the area, but it seemed like Josh didn’t know what time they were coming. I kept asking him and he said we just need to get our house clean before they come over. We cleaned for a couple hours, then I was exhausted. We had rented Super Mario Bros. Wii so we started playing that and having fun. Josh had secret dinner plans and said our reservations were at 6:30. Well, that time rolled around and he was like, we have to go now! So we scrambled to leave and jump in the car super fast. Then he drove up the hill, and not very fast, so it was really confusing. But I didn’t say anything cause it was supposed to be a surprise. He seemed kinda lost, then finally asked me where Little Caesars was at. We found it and he went in alone, but came out with just bread. He said he had ordered a special pizza with pepperoni’s in a “2”, but it wasn’t done yet. So it would be another 20 minutes. I suggested we go to a store nearby to browse while we waited. While we were there he got a call from LC’s that the pizza was done, but they ended up doing it with the wrong toppings. He got kinda upset and told them nevermind. He was really frustrated the day didn’t go how he wanted. He said we could just eat the spaghetti at home and started driving home. I suggested we go to Papa Murphy’s and since they make your pizza right there, we could ask for them to do a number 2. He said okay, but we should use the coupons we have on our fridge. So we headed home and I offered to go up and grab the coupons. He was in a pretty foul mood so I was trying to help. But he said no, he would get them. Well, he got up there and ended up calling me because he said he couldn’t find the coupons. So I grabbed some things we needed to take in anyways and came up to the house. When I opened the door, our table had been pulled into the living room and a beautiful candlelight dinner had been set up. His parents had ALREADY come down and set this all up while we were running around. Josh confessed he had been faking his bad mood, and he never had an order at LC’s. So the phone call at the store was pretend. HAHA. The dinner was salad, Papa Murphy’s BBQ Chicken pizza, and Cherry Cheesecake. Topped off with bubbly yummy juice. While we had the pizza cooking Josh put on our wedding mix on iTunes and pulled me up to dance. Well, that did it, I started bawling. He doesn’t dance! The only time he has ever danced with me was our wedding day. AWWWW. The dinner was so good! And while we ate we put on our wedding video to watch. It was another good night.