24th of July

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For the 24th of July we went with the rest of Josh’s family to the Ogden Parade. Tiffany was going to be in the parade with her Danze Company, and Josh’s dad was pulling their float with his truck. The parade was lots of fun and Northridge High was in it – YAY! They had their marching band and their color guard is all, no cheerleaders or SBO’s or anything. However, it was strange cause back when I was in HS, Northridge didn’t have a marching band OR color guard. So, it was cool to see that. We spent most of the afternoon hanging out and playing games at the house. For fireworks we all decided we wanted something a little more low key. So we went to a place we call Rose Park that is beautiful and a prime spot to still see the fireworks, but not be down in the busy area. We took some nice pictures before it got too dark, and it was a really great evening.

Extreme Home Makeover - Jackson Edition

In June, all the siblings got together and decided to re-do some parts of Josh’s parent’s house. We re-painted the living room, put down new carpet, put hard wood in the entry way and down the hallway, replaced the dining room chandelier and swapped out a lot of the decorations in the living room, and installed brand new kitchen cabinets and countertop. It was a lot of hard work and late nights, but it was so fun to do something all together with everyone working together and doing something so great for people we love. We felt like Extreme Home Makeover… wish we had a bus we could move…. HAHA

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Living Room BEFORE...

Living Room AFTER

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen AFTER

Elder McKay Jackson - Homecoming

On June 9th, we had the amazing experience to welcome home Josh’s youngest brother, McKay, from his mission. He was serving in the Antofagasta Chile mission. Funny thing about it, I had never actually met McKay. He left at the beginning of July 2008. And the first time I ever talked to my hubby was on July 24th 2008. So I missed meeting McKay by about 3 weeks is all. It was crazy! On Labor Day, he was flying from the MTC in Provo to Chile, and had a layover in Los Angeles. He was able to call home to his family to say hello. That was the first day that I met Josh’s family, and then BAM! here is McKay on the phone and they hand the phone to me and tell me to talk to him. Talk about awkward moment. Do I talk to him and feel dumb? Do I refuse and offend this entire family I JUST met? Has this kid even been told who the heck I am? So… I talked to him for a few minutes, and yes – it was awkward. HAHA. but almost a year and a half later, a similar situation happened on Christmas day. Once again, McKay was calling home, this time from Chile. And once again, the phone was being passed around so everyone was able to say hello. This time, I had been able to speak with him 2-3 times more and wasn’t so worried about him thinking I’m dumb. Also, he had over a year and a half of letters from his family that sporadically had talked about me and Josh…. Oh – and besides the fact Josh and I had gotten married that past spring. ;) So this time, we joked about how awkward that first phone call was, about what was new for Josh and I, and about us finally getting to meet each other in person. As winter melted away and spring slowly popped up… and then summer started to hit us with full force. It was almost time for McKay to get home. His sisters were all a flutter, getting misty eyed anyone mentioned a missionary, Chile, serving, baptism, preaching the gospel… etc etc. Josh and Darin were excited to hang out, play soccer and basketball, and just have their brother home again. Curt and Candy were just overjoyed to see their youngest son again, and proud as can be to have yet another son return home valiantly from a mission. For me, I was excited, but nervous all at the same time. The last few days before, I fretted about what outfit to wear and how to do my hair. I was nervous he wasn’t going to approve of me. The morning McKay’s flight came in, all of us siblings, mom and dad, and of course all 6 of the kids, gathered together in the Salt Lake International Airport terminal. We were early, but it didn’t take too long and his flight had landed and we were waiting anxiously to see his face pop around the corner. Josh saw him first, coming down the escalator way down in the restricted area. He let everyone know he could see him and that he was wearing a pink tie. Darin could see him too. Instantly Heidi and Tiffany began tearing up. Candy kept it together pretty well until McKay rounded the corner with his camera on video recording us all. He switched it off and went straight for Candy – who of course could no longer hold it in and was openly emotional. Curt got his giant man to man hug in next, and then McKay went down the line hugging everyone. When it was my turn, he didn’t hesitate, he came right in and gave me a big hug and said he was so glad to meet me. He told me later that was a moment of nervousness for him, that he wasn’t sure if he should hug me or not, but he decided “why not” HAHA. After hanging out at the airport for a little bit, we grabbed his luggage and drove back up to Farr West. Tiffany and Avery had painted a huge Chile flag on the front lawn and Candy had helped put up a Welcome home sign. McKay went through all of his stuff he picked up while there, and gave all of us some gifts he bought. After a little while, he went with his mom and dad to get released and we all hung out at the house. His best friend Samuel came over and waited with us. We ate some pizza and had great rest of the day hanging out and enjoying time together. We stayed over at Heidi and Jordan’s house, and the boys got up and played golf early in the morning. Heidi had a pretty bad morning sickness day and wasn’t able to come hang out with the family later. We had a BBQ at Josh’s parented house, everyone had a pretty emotional and frustrating day, and then we went back to Heidi and Jordan’s and took the kids for a walk to a pond while Jamie, Jake, Candy, Curt and McKay went to the temple. Heidi was still pretty sick, and so Jordan decided to take her in. We all stayed at their house again that night, but were fast asleep before they got home. They found out Heidi and the baby were okay, just excessive morning sickness. We all went to Josh’s parents ward together and heard McKay speak. Then it was off to the house for some homecoming grub. YUM YUM! Tiffany had invited her dance instructor who was a doll. They wanted to set her up with McKay, and I think they could be cute together! It was a pretty good day, hot but good. We played some games inside for a while, and then it was time to head over to WSU for some fireworks. McKay is an awesome guy and already just like a brother to me. I’m proud of him for going to Chile and serving a mission. I have never had a sibling that has gone on a mission, so the whole mission experience is new and strange to me. But I learned a lot from McKay, and from hearing Josh and Darin talk about their missions. I hope to learn a lot more about them all. I’m thankful for the opportunity for missionaries and for the amazing message they carry throughout the world. I pray they will always be watched over, in all of their trials and tribulations, so that the people who need to hear their message will get that chance.

Fourth of July

This year for the fourth of July, it seemed like an extended holiday. The actual 4th was on a Sunday, and since we live in Utah, that just wouldn't do. So the holiday was celebrated before and after! On Saturday, the 3rd, Josh and I hopped up to his parents house and did some last minute texturing on McKay's room. We only had a week before he got home to get it done! Afterwards, we went home and got some food and munchies and took off to meet Tiff, Mom, Darin, Chandra and Camille in Provo for the Stadium of Fire. Carrie Underwood was the main event, and we were so excited! The evening was great, even though my feet hurt so bad! But Carrie was great, and the fireworks were fun!

On Sunday, the Fourth of July, we didn't do too much celebrating. We went to church, hung out around the house and just relaxed.
Monday Josh and I headed to pick up my sister and my mom and go over to the Layton City festivities. They are my favorite, and I was so excited for BBQ pork on a stick! HAHA We got some yummy food, walked around to all the booths, and I bought a watch face for my watch bands I made. It was a good time, and I'm glad we got my sis and mom out and about. I miss my dad coming though. He has had to work the last two years. Later that day we went up to Josh's parents house, hung out playing games, and then all headed over to the Farr West park for the fireworks. It wqas actually a pretty good show, considering the town is quite small. I love the Fourth of July, and I'm so glad we got to spend it with family and friends.