Labor Day Weekend

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Josh and I Camping in Lava !

Rachel is a kid magnet, the girls all love her!


Caught Ya!

The boys had the awesome idea of climbing up this waterfall... it was freezing and thundering down at I swear 100 mph

After the waterfall...

How did McKay talk you into that, Rach?

Mouth of the cave we went into....

We heart caves !!

Last Chance Bridge/Canal

I don't know who's sick idea this was, but who the heck wants a huge spider anywhere near them?

Cute family pic... this was the prettiest little area for a walk.

Mother and Father Jackson (Work and the Glory is rubbing off on me...)

Beautiful stream with wild summer grass and flowers

The girls collected snail shells

Geyser in Soda Springs, ID

This year for Labor Day we decided it would be great to go camping with Josh's family. It was such a blast! We ate lots of campfire food, enjoyed watching the stars, climbed through a cave in the dark, came back and climbed through the same cave with a light (we got smart), and generally had a great time! Here are some pics from the trip! I'll probably add a couple more once Heidi sends them to me.

Some Fun Pictures

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The weekend of McKay's homecoming we took a few cute pics of all the cousins. Here they are for you all to see :)