April 29, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello all :) Well, we have had a crazy few days. Let me update you :) Saturday was my birthday, and we got some boxes and bins out of my house and down to the storage unit. Then we went to my parents house and my dad made his famous hashbrowns and eggs. YUMMY! I got to show my Bridal pics to my mom, dad and sister and they were excited. Later, we went to Josh's house and hung out. Everyone there got to see the pictures and it was fun! Josh and I went out for ice cream and fries, and stopped by Bed, Bath and beyond to choose new towels cause the ones we wanted were discontinued. All well. Later on we just watch a movie at home and ate Pita Pit (so good, but next time only eat half!) Jamie and Tiffany came in with a tub of ice cream and candles and sang to me HAHA.they were so sweet and even brought me a HUGE bag of Sour Patch Kids YES!!!! lol. It was a pretty dang good birthday.
However, yesterday was not so good. UGH Our flower shop called and said they can't get our flowers (WHAT?!?!?!?!?!). They can get the white and green flowers fine, but the pink flowers (Gerbs) they can't get as many as we want. We went back and forth about it, changed up our arrangements and amounts, and resubmitted everything. I'm scared to death we won't get them on time now (less than 2 weeks). I'm praying hard about it. But the good news is... if we do have an issue, we know Smith's carries something that will work - thats where we got my Bridal shoot bouquet. HAHA.
I submitted our order for the enlarged pictures we need for the reception. I also submitted our final guest book and about 50 4x6 sized pictures for the frames and albums at the reception. We are so close!!
Oh, if any one knows where we can find paper lanterns, please let me know!
Oh, and we have 13 Days to Go!

April 24, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

As promised, I'm posting about the Bridal shoot I had on Tuesday. :) I got off work at 12:00 and met Josh and Tiffany at my house. Josh left and went to work, and Tiffany curled my hair and got it looking all cute! We made sure I had all my stuff together, and then once her mom got there we took off. We stopped at Smith's and grabbed a bouquet of green and white and yellow flowers, aand then a separate one of pink mini gerbers. After a quick stop at Michael's for ribbon and pins we were on our way to Thanksgiving Point. Tiffany pulled all the yellow flowers out and replaced them with the pink, wrapped up the stems, added an accent ribbon and some pins, and produced the amazing bouquet in the pictures below. YAY
When we got there we went in to get me all dressed and laced up. When I came back down the grand staircase, Joe my photographer was there and a few other people were in the lobby. Everyone was looking at me. HAHA. We got everything situated and then took off to start the shoot. There were a lot of kids around and they kept calling me princess. :) Tons of older people were enjoying the gardens as well, and the women kept telling me I looked gorgeous and the men kept wanting to be in the picture with me. HAHA There were a couple places that we took pictures that I LOVED. And I should get my pictures back today so I can see what they look like. I'm so excited! Lots of kids kept waving at me and one little kid said I looked like Cinderella. awwww. They were so cute! We were running out of light right at the end, and so we were running a bit to get to the last photo spot Joe wanted to shoot. There is this huge lawnhill that goes right up to the club house, and we ended up having to run up it. HAHA. We stopped half way and took a few pictures. The lawn has tulips lining both sides and it was so gorgeous. Then we kept going up the hill and there were three teenage girls, each with a camera, and they were snapping pictures of me like crazy. Strange but funny. Once we go to the top Joe shot a few more pics of me by the clubhouse, then a couple of me showing off my ring. Then I suggested some of my bouquet in front out of focus and then focusing on me. I hope they turn out!!! There was a little girl waiting with her mom to tell me hello. She told me I look really pretty. So cute! So yeah, it was probably a highlight of my wedding experience so far. I have never felt so pretty. If anyone wants to see the pictures, you will have to come over or something. I can't post them on here cause Josh can't see them! :)
Oh, and in case anyone is counting... we have 18 Days to Go!

April 23, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okay okay, I know. I'm terrible at updating this month. It's because we have been SO BUSY. HAHA. here is the breakdown of the events so far!
So the first weekend of April we got our invitations sorted out, made some insert cards for the luncheon and ceremony invites, and got everything together for that. The next step was to stuff all the envelopes and get address labels on them. Oddly enough, that took forever! HAHA. So sorry if you all are just getting your invites. :) That weekend we also bought the fabric we needed for the men's vests, and Roelene has done an awesome job so far. I think she has finished two of them, and has just two more. YAY. We also did easter with Kim and Shay and it was really fun. They had a good time.
April 11 was the shower my mom, grandma and sister threw for me. It was a really wonderful shower, and everything was beautiful. Lots of family showed up and I'm so grateful for all of them being there to support me. Thank you!!
April 16 was Josh's birthday, and I was quite upset I didn't get to see him on his actual birthday. But I think I drove him crazy telling him happy birthday so many times. LOL It was great though! I planned a fun surprise for him and got white t-shirts and paint and pictures of the girls. We were going to make t-shirts for him... but he got off early Friday so it was more of a "daddy help make t-shirts" kind of event. :) We also made a yummy dinner Saturday night to celebrate.
Saturday (April 18) we had quite a busy day. We had my neice Velise and nephew Zander's birthday party at Clearfeild Aquatic center... which meant swimming. YAY. We had such a blast and it was a really great party. My sister ended up getting a killer deal cause the place double booked us, so it was awesome. After, we went to Josh's good friend's Ben and Pam's for thier daughter Emmy's birthday party. Ths was also quite a fun party. I got to meet some of Ben's family and we ate some super good hot dogs.
On sunday we took a bunch of picture sof the girls for our guest book, so here are some below. I actually have a few more things to update you all on, but I am about out of time at work. I'll leave you with some pics and them post again tomorrow (about my Bridals!!!)